Saturday, June 29, 2019

Sheriff's Dept. Arrests Three for Burglary After Capturing Them on Hidden Camera

The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department was able to identify and arrest three individuals in connection with a burglary that occurred in the Pinhook Corner area by using motion cameras and capturing images of the burglars when they returned a second time.

The sheriff's dept. was originally called to the scene near Pinhook Corner on May 30. As the deputies took the report, Sheriff Larry Lane and UnderSheriff Greg Cox surveyed the crime scene.

Sheriff Lane said, “We looked over the scene and decided that there was a very good chance that the thieves would come back.”

Lane purchased a covert motion camera and placed it at the scene of the burglary and waited until the thieves struck again. After almost a month, on June 26, the sheriff's dept. received a call from the home owner stating that the thieves had returned.

Deputies and investigators responded to the home. While Undersheriff Cox and investigators dusted for fingerprints and searched the crime scene for other evidence, Sheriff Lane retrieved the memory card from the hidden camera and found that there were several pictures of three people forcibly breaking in and removing items and placing them in a truck. Investigators continued to work the crime scene as Lane began circulating the photos to try and identify the suspects. (Photos are shown above. Photos showing the faces of the juveniles were withheld.)

A short time later, a relative of the victim contacted Sheriff Lane and gave him a possible name of one of the thieves. Investigators then went to this suspect’s home and immediately noticed a truck matching the one in the pictures.

“We were able to recover several of the items that were stolen from the home, along with items that were purchased with money that had been stolen from the home,” Lane said.

Arrested for the burglary were Hunter Killian, 18, of Sallisaw and two 17 year old juvenile males, one from Gore and one from Vian.

In the two theft reports, there were approximately $4000.00 in change, and several guns taken.

Sheriff Lane added, “I’m grateful that we were able to wrap this burglary up so quickly. I greatly appreciate the friends and relatives of the victim for helping us to identify the thieves, as well as our deputies and investigators for getting on this case so quickly and working relentlessly to get the property back for this victim. Hopefully we stopped these young men from committing any further crimes. I think they realize that they made a bad decision and I hope they turn their lives around."

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