Saturday, June 4, 2016

Undercover Operation Leads to Arrest

An undercover operation by Roland Police and the District 27 Drug Task Force on May 25 resulted in the arrest of an 18-year-old male from Roland.

Daniel Jacob Rivera was charged Wednesday in Sequoyah County District Court in Sallisaw with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance including possession with intent to distribute, marijuana.

According to the investigating officer’s report, a Roland police saw a “bong” listed for sale on an Internet site and, knowing the bong is used to smoke marijuana, contacted the seller as an interested buyer. The seller, the officer reported, agreed to sell the bong and some marijuana. The seller said he could get the marijuana from a person in Fort Smith.

The Drug Task Force provided the $520 for the purchase, and the undercover officer, along with other Drug Task Force agents and Roland police, set up a meeting with the bong seller and the alleged marijuana supplier.

When the purchase was complete, the agents followed and stopped the alleged marijuana seller, Rivera. Rivera submitted to a search and the money from the marijuana buy was found in his pocket. According to the report Rivera had an additional $2,215 in his wallet.

During an interview later, according to the report, Rivera told the investigators that “he was getting a little scared because he was doing so much business in Fort Smith and had been threatened by other dealers because he has made over a $100,000 in cash.”

On the way to the Sequoyah County Detention Center in Sallisaw, Rivera told the officers, according to the report, that there was a quarter pound of marijuana hidden behind the radio in his car. Based on that information, Roland officers checked the car and found the marijuana.

Rivera was freed May 27 on a $12,000 bond.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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