Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tornado Damage to Be Inspected

Steve Rutherford, Sequoyah Emergency Management Resources (EMR) director, said the National Weather Service, Sallisaw Fire Chief Anthony Armstrong, the city’s EMR director, and he will be looking at damage believed caused by a small tornado on Tuesday afternoon.

Rutherford said what was believed to be a tornado funnel was observed by four different people, and did damage to two separate properties on Shiloh Road on Sallisaw’s west side. Part of that damage was inside Sallisaw city limits.

Rutherford said two barns were damaged, a home received minor damage, a power pole was broken, along with other property damage.

Sammy and Rhonda Valdivia lost two barns to the storm as seen in the pictures shown above. However the storm left their main horse barn undamaged which sits beside the now destroyed hay barn as shown in the bottom picture. "We are blessed," said Rhonda Valdivia. "That barn is just feet away from the big main horse barn."

Rutherford said he saw no funnel clouds on radar, but added, “These small tornadoes can spin up out of nowhere.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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