Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Journey Church Files Petition Regarding Building Fund Donations

In a petition filed by Journey Church in Sallisaw on May 22 against "former members" and 35 John Does the church is seeking declaratory relief from donors "who may elect to demand a refund of ... donated funds." 

According to the petition the church began a fundraising drive to build a new sanctuary in 2008. Donations were solicited from church members for the drive which was named "Building for Life."

The petition states that "members of the church congregation donated funds to the Building for Life program from 2008 through 2012." 

Church membership eventually voted that it would be more feasible to purchase and remodel an existing building than it would be to build a new sanctuary. The existing building was purchased in August 2017.

The petition goes on to state that after learning of the vote to purchase an existing facility, certain "former members" asked for a refund of their donated funds. The church denied the "former members" request for a refund and allege that the use of funds donated to the Building for Life fund were unrestricted. 

The court is being asked to declare the donated funds as unrestricted as to their use, or in the alternative that the use of the funds donated to the building fund to purchase and remodel an existing facility as a larger sanctuary is "sufficiently close in purpose to constructing a new facility, as to render the distinction of no effect."

The petition does not list the names of the former church members.

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