Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Eagles, Owls Dine Well at Clinic

A mature bald eagle is recuperating from a broken wing under the care 
of Dr. Gary Cox of the Sallisaw Veterinary Clinic. 

A barred owl has recovered from his or her injuries and is nearly ready 
to be returned to the wild by Dr. Gary Cox of Sallisaw. 

A mature bald eagle is recuperating from a broken wing under the care of Dr. Gary Cox at the Sallisaw Veterinary Clinic in Sallisaw.

Cox said the eagle was brought in Dec. 10 by Game Ranger Jerry Henry, and was found east of Stilwell. Cox added the eagle will have to be treated for about two months before it can be released.

Cox, a certified wildlife rehabilitator, is currently overseeing the recuperations of the eagle, three owls and one hawk. He said the owls and hawk were recovering from various injuries and will soon be returned to the wild. The owls have learned that by clacking their bills, they would be fed a dead mouse or two, which is a banquet for owls and in monetary terms.

Cox orders dead and frozen mice by the hundreds for his eagle, hawk and owl patients, but they cost a pretty penny. The frozen mice cost about 95 cents apiece, and $120 to ship 100.

Cox asked, “Anyone who raises mice, please call me!”

Because Cox pays for treating wildlife and injured and abandoned animals out of his own pocket, the clinic is currently conducting a fundraiser to pay for medications, and dead mice. For more information call the clinic at 918-775-6182. Donations may be made at the clinic at 3450 W. Cherokee.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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