Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CASC Offering Eight-week Online Classes

Carl Albert State College (CASC) announced Tuesday the addition of five online courses to be offered in an eight-week format beginning March 7 and ending May 13.

Because CCASC is competitive nation-wide with the cost of online classes, these classes are a great deal for students interested in completing class work in a short time this spring, said Dr. Jason Morrison, CASC Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Morrison said, “Our classes are a great deal economically for students. In addition, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our courses meet the high standards required of online classes.”

The classes being offered are each three credit hour courses and include Ethics, Information Literacy I, Introduction to Sociology, Microcomputer Applications, and American Federal Government. According to Morrison, a variety of students may find these classes helpful.

“This is a great starting spot for first time students, as well as students already pursuing postsecondary course work. Plus, regardless of where students are located or what college they have attended, students may find themselves in need of a course to graduate, etc. Perhaps a student had to drop a class and needs to pick up a few hours this way. For other students, maybe they meant to enroll for classes beginning in January, but missed the enrollment deadline. With these classes, students can take one or more classes immediately instead of having to wait until summer or fall to enroll.”

Sarah Brown, CASC Virtual Campus coordinator, explained that all five of these classes are well structured for an eight-week design. 

“Students will get the same course content in this format as they would receive over a 16 week period, the information is just compressed.” She continued, “We are offering more and more of our classes online as soon as we critique them for content and rigor standards. Many online courses are already offered as full semester courses, but we are excited about offering the eight-week option as well.”

Morrison explained that a student can enroll in up to nine credit hours without being a degree seeking student at CASC as long as the classes meet certain criteria.

“These five classes were selected specifically so that students can apply for admission, pay for the class, and get the classes that meet their needs this spring without prerequisite or test score requirements,” Morrison said.

Students interested in enrolling for the classes beginning March 7 need to contact Sarah Brown as soon as possible at 918-647-1471 or sbrown@carlalbert.edu. She will direct students in the steps to take to apply for admission and enroll for class.

Morrison concluded, “We hope to continue offering eight-week classes on the schedule every semester. We are proud of our faculty and the quality of instruction they provide online and on campus.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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