Monday, March 16, 2015

Tug of War over Baby Results in Abuse Charges

A 7-week-old baby girl, born on Jan. 1 five weeks pre-mature, was found to have fractures to both left and right femurs, a rib fracture and a clavicle fracture, which led to the recent arrest of her parents. The Sallisaw Police Department reported Kelsey Renee Carpio, 27, of Muskogee and Cody Grodon Corum, 22, of Sallisaw were both charged with child abuse by injury on March 4 in Sequoyah County District Court, Sallisaw. Sallisaw police reported they were called to the emergency room at Sequoyah Memorial Hospital on Feb. 21 by an emergency room doctor who found the injuries. He reported he found the injuries so sever he requested the baby be transferred to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa. The parents were questioned the same day at the Sallisaw Police Department. The mother, Carpio, told officers the baby may have been injured when her father, Corum, did "bicycle exercises" with her when she had colic. Carpio said that on the same day Corum had told her he was holding the baby by her sleeper's collar and pulled her up quickly which caused a mark on the baby's neck. Corum denied hurting the baby. Later the two told officers they got into a physical altercation on the night of Feb. 20, which resulted in a tug of war over the baby. Corum said he was holding the baby under the arms and Carpio said she grabbed the baby anywhere she could and pulled. The altercation lasted about 15 minutes, they said, and they took the baby to the emergency room the next day. Both parents have entered not guilty pleas to the charge. The case is on Judge Kyle Waters' disposition docket on April 8.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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