Monday, June 19, 2017

Sallisaw Officials State Water is Safe to Drink

Many Sallisaw residents may have recently noticed that their water has a strange color. Sallisaw city officials are assuring customers that the water is safe to drink.

"Over the weekend, we experienced software issues that affected the operations of the water treatment plant. During this period, we had to bypass certain pumps that feed the distribution system, thus stirring up residual residue in the water distribution lines. This has led to our water having a yellowish tint to it. These issues have been resolved and our treatment plant is operating normally. We will be flushing our distribution lines on Monday June 19 to see if we can clear up the water," stated Keith Skelton, assistant city manager.

Skelton also stated that recent rains are causing the mineral Manganese to return to the water system. Manganese is a mineral that can affect the color of water. Issues with Manganese typically occur in spring or fall. Water temperature and lack of rain can be contributing factors causing this issue.

On Sunday many Sallisaw restaurants were warning customers who ordered water that they might want to order something else due to the unappealing look of the water. Sallisaw officials state that the water is safe for consumption and they are working on adjusting the treatment process to rid the minerals and tint from the system.

Residents with questions are encouraged to contact the City of Sallisaw at (918) 775-6241.

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