Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Golden Age Pups Find New Homes

Randy Freeman, Sallisaw Animal Control Officer, holds Patches and Dancer 
before they make the long journey to their new home in Canada.

The Sallisaw Animal Care Facility will go to the ends of the earth to find a good home for an animal.

Well, Canada may not be the ends of the earth, but it is close to the Artic, which is the top end.

Patches and Dancer, two miniature rat terriers, are on their way to new homes up north.

Animal Control Officer Randy Freeman explained that the owner of Patches and Dancer, both 11 years old, recently passed away and her husband was often on the road and unable to care for the two dogs. The two dogs were surrendered to the animal care facility and Freeman began advertising for new homes. The dogs’ predicament was shared with other rescue groups, and social media spread the word.

The Rat Terrier Rescue of North Bay, Ontario, contacted Freeman and promised to place both dogs, together, in a good home.

Patches and Dancer left Sunday for their trip north, but must first spend three weeks in Oklahoma City in quarantine before they can cross the border into another country. Freeman explained a transport network will take the dogs to their new homes.

Freeman said, “It was harder to place Patches and Dancer because they are senior dogs. But if they are healthy, there is no reason Golden Age dogs can’t live out long, happy lives.”

Patches and Dancer were very healthy, but a bit misunderstood, Freeman said.

Both pups are miniature rat terriers, but have been misidentified.

“Even their owner thought they were Chihuahuas,” Freeman laughed

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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