Friday, April 15, 2016

Couple Arrested for Alleged Child Abuse

Two Sequoyah County parents have been arrested on allegations of child abuse. Benjamin "Zach" Barker, 26, the boy's father, and Victoria Barker, 22, the boy's stepmother, were both arrested on Thursday after a warrant was issued on Wednesday.

According to authorities the pair was arrested after a Tulsa doctor reported finding several suspicious injuries and issues wrong with the three-year-old boy. 

The affidavit stated that the boy had elevated liver enzymes, multiple contusions, head injury, non-accidental traumatic injury, leukocytosis, hyperglycemia, concussion syndrome and macrocytic anema, which included hematomas on cheeks and multiple hematomas on legs, as well as possible trauma to the gall bladder.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Dept. originally brought Zach Barker in for questioning in November 2015. The child had reportedly been in custody of his father since April 2015. Zach Barker told authorities that Victoria Barker had slapped the boy open-handed on the stomach in a bathtub and also grabbed him by the ears when the child did not pick up his toys fast enough. Other instances of alleged abuse were also described by the father. 

The father also stated that Victoria Barker had made numerous threats against him and the child. She also allegedly threatened to beat Zach if she were sent to jail and threatened to kill him.

The arrests of the two were delayed due to the need of official reports and opinions from doctors.

Zach and Victoria Barker were each released on separate $10.000 bonds.

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