Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fort Smith Suspect Flees from Moffett Police Chief

A Fort Smith man’s apparent attempt to break into a Moffett home lead to a pursuit and his arrest Monday.

Moffett Police Chief Riley Brooks said the man, later identified as Garry Dwight Burgett Jr., 40, was lurking around the home of an elderly Moffett resident at about 4:30 p.m. March 7. Brooks said he saw the suspect walk around the house, trying to get in, but never knocking on the front door.

The man then got into a maroon car (photo above) and Brooks reported he followed with the intention to stop the man and ask about his actions. When Burgett saw Brooks behind him he sped up and reached 85 miles per hour on the Garrison Avenue bridge into Fort Smith. The suspect then turned north, hit a sidewalk and drainage ditch, which caused his vehicle to go airborne and land in the Fort Smith Farmers Market parking lot where the oil pan on the suspect’s vehicle was knocked off.

“It was crazy,” Brooks said of Burgett’s flight. “He was doing anything to get away. He was driving on two flat tires.”

Brooks said the pursuit continued north of Garrison Avenue in and around North 4th and North 5th Streets. Brooks reported the suspect jumped out of the car and was dodging behind homes along the streets where he was eventually apprehended by Fort Smith police.

“The Fort Smith police said they found him by following the oil trail left by the car,” Brooks said.

A search of Burgett uncovered a bottle of Xanax pills and a suspended driver’s license. It was also learned Fort Smith police had a warrant for the suspect’s arrest for a misdemeanor. Brooks said a search of the suspect’s car uncovered two cases - one case with 300 plastic bags inside and a second case with alleged drug paraphernalia inside, a dirty spoon with a white residue on the inside rim of the spoon and two electronic scales with weights. Brooks said he seized the cases for evidence.

“We suspect he was a salesman,” Brooks said, and was allegedly going door-to-door selling the Xanax.

Burgett was taken into custody by the Fort Smith police and still faces charges in Moffett of attempting to elude a police officer, driving under suspension, reckless driving and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brooks said that, because of the pursuit and the related charges, Burgett’s parole has been rescinded. He is presently being held in the Sebastian County Detention Facility.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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