Wednesday, February 24, 2016

School Janitor Accused of Locking Students in Closet

Authorities were called to the Marble City Public School system after parents recently reported that their children had been locked in a dark closet by a school employee.

Parents reported that children participating in the after school program were left in the care of a female school janitor who was also involved in their after school instruction. The janitor allegedly placed individual students in a dark closet and threatened them with "the boogeyman" as a form of punishment. Reports indicate that this happened on more than one occasion and involved more than one child and occurred over several months. Some of the children involved were reportedly as young as five years old. Parents also indicated that their children became upset and cried while being locked in the dark closet.

Local authorities are investigating the incidents. The janitor has been placed on suspension according to reports although we have not been able to confirm that information at this time.

We will bring you more details as the story develops.

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