Monday, February 8, 2016

Disc Golf Courses Ready to Play

Sallisaw’s newest entertainment and recreation - disc golf – is ready to go!

The city’s 18-hole disc golf course is at Jay Reynolds Park, and although the course attributes are not complete, the course can be played, said City Manager Clayton Lucas.

A disc, or Frisbee, golf course for the city has been pushed for by Dave Hannah.

Lucas said, “Dave pushed for it for a long time. He has been involved in the whole process.”

Lucas said the course, its tee pads, baskets, etc., cost the city about $5,000. A professional disc course designer was brought in to design the course. The baskets are in place, and city employees will be laying the concrete for the 18 tee pads next week. Holes one, two and three are on the east side of the park, and holes four through 18 are on the park’s west side.

Students at Indian Capital Technical Center are working on the signage for the course.

Lucas said Walmart is even helping to support the new sport in Sallisaw.

“We talked to them and they have agreed to carry the discs,” Lucas said. He explained that, just like in golf where different clubs are used to hit balls different distances, different discs are used to throw different distances. “The discs are $10 for three,” Lucas said. The pack includes a driver for long range, a mid-range disc and a putter for those short throws.

Lucas, who plays himself, said with a laugh, “You’re lucky if you can get the putter to fly 30 feet.”

The course design and scoring are also much like golf, and distances can be like a par 3, where it takes three throws to get to the target, or a par 4 or more.

Lucas said the course design rivals any in the area, and a tournament has already been scheduled. The Western Arkansas Flying Disc Association has scheduled a tournament for April 9.

“We expect many more associations to contact us to schedule tournaments,” Lucas said. He added that golf disc players like to play as many courses as possible.

The city is also planning a grand opening and tournament to be held in late April or early May. “We’ll be giving away discs with the city logo,” he said.

Lucas said of disc golf, “It’s exciting. It’s fun. It’s surprising how far you have to walk. It’s good exercise.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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