Monday, February 1, 2016

Gore Installs New Warning System

The Town of Gore has installed a new emergency warning system which should be up and running in a week or two.

Town Administrator Horace Lindley said, “It’s called a Mass Warning System.”

He explained the new system, set up on three poles around the town, is digital and all electronic. The system can send voice warnings and instructions to residents as well as regular siren alarms.

The system was suggested by Gore city leaders and cost about $70,000.

Lindley used as an example what would happen if a train derailed nearby or there was a breech in the Tenkiller Dam.

“With voice messaging,” Lindley said, “we can tell people which way to go to evacuate and avoid the situation.”

The system can send recorded messages and live messages. It can be activated either by a radio frequency or even by a cell phone application if the emergency requires.

Lindley said a recent test of the system was heard over a wider area than the old tornado siren system could be heard.

“We got calls all the way from the Tenkiller Dam area,” Lindley said. “That’s five or six miles away. So we are helping the whole community.”

Lindley said he has also received calls from other communities who are interested in updating their own warning systems.

Lindley said town leaders have not decided what to do with the old warning system yet. It will be left up until the new system is tested and operational. He said the old system had to be operated manually, and when it needed to be sounded, city personnel had to run to the pole and turn it on.

Of the new system, Lindley concluded, “It’s a multi-purpose tool, a real unique system that a lot of communities are trying to go to.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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