Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moffett Mayor Hopeful Flood is Receding

Moffett Mayor Kathy Luper, a lifelong Moffett resident and Moffett mayor since 2007, said she's hoping and keeping her fingers crossed that the Arkansas River has crested, at 33.40 feet as of Tuesday, and will retreat into its banks without flooding the tiny town completely.

Luper said Wednesday, "It's good today. The river has stopped rising and has gone down slightly. It has been an extremely dangerous situation." Luper said no homes have been flooded, but the river, as of Tuesday, had nearly surrounded the town. That resulted in residents filling sandbags to barricade their homes. Luper said the city had turned off natural gas as a precaution, but electric and phone lines had remained on. Moffett police and fire department, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Red Cross have been on standby as the river rose and threatened the town, and residents were asked earlier to voluntarily evacuate. Still, many remained. Luper is hopeful a full evacuation won't be needed. 

"Rain is a good thing," she said, "but we've had plenty."

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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