Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sallisaw Fugitive Captured In Ft. Smith

A 30 year-old Sallisaw man was arrested in Ft. Smith Tuesday after leading three law enforcement agencies on three chases.  He allegedly kidnapped his 25 year-old girlfriend in a truck reported stolen in Sallisaw.

Captain Beau Gabbert of the Sallisaw Police Department reported the suspect came to the attention of police Monday, after his girlfriend reported he had slapped her in the face when she refused to go with him.

Based on her domestic report, Sallisaw police began looking for the Nissan pickup the suspect was driving and saw the driver on Redwood.  Police tried to stop the suspect, but he drove south on Wheeler Ave, swerved around a police patrol vehicle, went east on Delaware and eventually ended up on Wild Horse Mountain Road east of U. S. Hwy 59 and south of Sallisaw.  That is where the suspect ran on foot and the police lost sight of him.

According to Gabbert, deputies with the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office also chased the suspect Tuesday evening, after it was alleged he stole a 1998 Ford pickup from the Sam Ed Bush Addition in Sallisaw.  U. S. Marshals also chased the suspect in Ft. Smith where he was finally located and arrested him.  At the time of the report, the suspect was being interrogated by the U. S. Marshals.  Gabbert said the 25 year-old girlfriend was also being questioned by U. S. Marshals and appeared to be physically all right.

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