Monday, February 24, 2014

Mayberry Going To Ft. Smith Rehab

Christian Mayberry, 16 from Muldrow, is scheduled on February 26 to transfer to the Methodist Health and Rehab in Ft. Smith.  This will be one day after his seventeenth birthday.  He has been in a Tulsa hospital since his ATV accident.  According to a Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office report, on Septem- ber 1, 2013 Mayberry was driving a Polaris Ranger ATV southbound on County Road 4750, five miles south of Muldrow.  He ran off the road into a ditch and was then ejected twelve feet from the ATV.  He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.  Mayberry is being treated for severe brain in- juries, his mother Kim said.  She also said they've gotten him up on his feet for the first time in five and half months.

An occupational therapist at the rehabilitation center, Carol Heffley, said they will help him through a variety of exercises to gain strength and mobility.  His mother said family and friends will be able to go and visit him which will help in his recovery.  The opportunity to choose housing in the Methodist Village will be available for his parents.

An investigation into the accident is still being conducted by police.  No charges have been filed ac- cording to Sequoyah County District Attorney Stacey Slaughter.  However, a tip line is open for any- one who has any information regarding the accident.  That number is 918-822- 2901.  All leads will be followed up on by investigators.

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