Friday, October 11, 2013

2 Elections In Sequoyah County

Two elections took place Tuesday, October 8 in Sequoyah County, one for the Vian Public School and one for the Gore Public Schools.

Vian Public School's school board election was for the vacated seat no. 3 position.  The candidates running were Sherry Pack-Pickles and Ed Barton.  The winner by a margin of 185 to 98 was Ed Barton.

The Gore Public School NO TAX increase bond divide into two separate proposals.  Proposal 1, being for $300,00 will go towards designated repairs, updates to the facilities and technology updates to meet current students needs, passed by a margin of 202 for and 67 against.  Proposal 2, being for $100,000 will go towards one late model route bus and other student/staff transportation vehicles, passed by a margin of 205 for and 67 against.

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