Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sallisaw Woman Charged with Neglect after Dog Bite

A 38-year-old Sallisaw woman was charged with child neglect Wednesday in Sequoyah County District Court, after the 2-year-old female child she was babysitting was bitten in the face by the babysitter’s pit bull dog.

According to court records, Diana McCullah had left the 2-year-old alone with the dog on Dec. 7 when she went to discipline two other children, ages 5 and 3, in another room in the home. McCullah told the investigating Sallisaw police officer that she heard the 2-year-old scream and cry, and when she came back into the living room, the dog had “the majority of the child’s head in its mouth and was pressing down with its jaws.”

She told the officer the dog tore the child’s flesh from under her right eye, down her cheek to under her nose and her top lip. She said the dog tore a piece of flesh from the child’s face, a handful of hair from her head, and left a laceration on her head which exposed her skull.

The child’s parents later told police the child was in a Tulsa hospital and was in good spirits but could not eat solid food. Doctors told the family several graphs would be needed to repair the damage.

The dog was also taken out of the home by Sallisaw Animal Control officers. The investigating officer had the Department of Human Services do a safety plan for McCullah’s family, because of a second dog in the home, and to which McCullah agreed.

Charges were filed against her on Wednesday and an arrest warrant issued, with no bond until McCullah’s initial appearance before a district court judge.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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