Friday, July 31, 2015

FEMA Denial to Be Appealed

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has denied individual assistance to individuals who had property damage due to flooding earlier this year.

Stever Rutherford, Sequoyah County Emergency Management director, said he received word of the denial Wednesday, but he plans to appeal that decision. To do so he needs information from those who had damage.

"Please call me at my office at 918-775-1216," Rutherford requested. "If no one answers leave the following information:

*name of property owner;

*address where damage occurred;

*telephone number where property owner can be contacted;

*a list of pictures of damage and other pertinent information.

Rutherford said this information needs to be called in even if it has been reported previously or if the property owner contacted FEMA directly

Rutherford said, "We need as many people as we can to get us this information promptly as we have a short deadline to meet for this to be appealed. Oklahoma Emergency Management has requested this information be gathered so we have everything we need."

Rutherford continued,"We are disappointed that the initial request was denied, but we want to have as many people reporting damage as possible to have the best opportunity to get this denial overturned."

The needed information also covers any business that was damaged during flooding between May 5 and June 22. Business owners may call Rutherford's office and leave the same information that is required above. Rutherford said if he needs any further information he will call back.

He said he believes there was more damage than realized and when FEMA surveyed the county the inspectors had wrong addresses and wrong telephone numbers.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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