Thursday, July 30, 2015

City Starts Sealing Streets on August 4

The City of Sallisaw will begin fog sealing, or oiling, streets on August 4. City officials said fog sealing rejuvenates and extends the life of the asphalt.

City crews will begin work on Honeysuckle and continue south to Redwood. Work is expected to last several days and will be east of U.S. Highway 59 north.

The drying time is about 45 minutes and streets will be marked. Drivers are asked not to drive through the area immediately after the spraying of oil.  The city stated it will not be responsible for vehicles damaged by hot oil as a result of ignoring signage and driving through barricades on freshly oiled streets.

Residents are also asked to have all vehicles, boats, campers, etc. removed from the road to be sealed.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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