Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Webbers Falls Schools to Close for Remainder of Week

Webbers Falls Public Schools has decided to cancel all classes for the remainder of this week. According to Dr. Dixie Swearingen, School Superintendent, the school system has experienced an excessive number of student absences due to illnesses, including the flu and strep throat. Teachers will be reporting for work as usual. School staff and personnel will be using Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to clean and disinfectant in an attempt to help stop the spread of illness. Dr. Swearingen stated that the school had a 12% absence rate last week and a 17% absence rate so far this week and the number appeared to be continuing to climb. Classes will resume as normal on Feb. 9th.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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    1. Webbers Falls Public School decides to increase one week holiday this is the great pay for essays news for the school students. Dr. Swearingen said that many children suffer in flu and other disease that’s why one week off in school.


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