Monday, March 26, 2018

Cherokee Nation Donates Vehicle to Vian Police Dept.

(L to R) Cherokee National Treasure Tommy Wildcat, Tribal Councilor Bryan Warner, Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr., Vian Police Chief Mark Fisher, Tribal Councilor E.O. Smith, Vian Town Administrator Keith Boshers and Vian Mayor Dennis Fletcher.

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. recently joined Tribal Councilors E.O. Smith and Bryan Warner in presenting the keys to a Ford Explorer to the Vian Police Department.

“As a lifetime resident of Vian, I get a firsthand look at the role that the Vian Police Department plays in this community and what it means to the citizens,” District 5 Tribal Councilor Smith said. “It means so much to invest back in my community and the lives of the Cherokee Nation citizens in and around the town.”

Police Chief Mark Fisher said his department is working on a new partnership with Vian Public School to provide a full-time school resource officer on their campus. When the time comes, this vehicle will provide that officer with needed transportation, and until then, it will be added to the department’s fleet of emergency vehicles. 

“As the chief of police and a member of the tribe, I would like to thank the Cherokee Nation for the vehicle donation. Both I and the town of Vian are very grateful for the support, and we hope to continue a very strong relationship with the tribe,” Fisher said.

The surplus vehicle was donated from Cherokee Nation Businesses fleet.

“Our local law enforcement agencies hold a great responsibility to protect and serve, and as a tribe we want to show our support to these men and women in any capacity that we can,” Hoskin said. “I commend Tribal Councilor Smith for working to meet a need that he saw in his home community and for serving his district of Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike.”

The Cherokee Nation regularly donates surplus vehicles to volunteer fire departments, police stations and schools throughout the tribe’s 14-county jurisdiction.

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