Monday, March 12, 2018

Bag It and Can It

Sallisaw residents are being told about their trash that they should “Bag it and Can it.”

City officials are saying too many residents are leaving trash beside their poly cart. Officials ask that all trash be bagged and placed in the cart, and, if the cart is regularly full to overflowing, the customer should request another cart.

Officials state:

In the recent months our sanitation crews have run into numerous issues of additional trash being placed beside poly carts. Some of this accumulation has been significant.

Although our crews are picking up most of this additional trash, the City would like to remind our customers that all trash should be properly bagged and placed in the supplied containers. Being bagged prevents messes and allows our workers to work more efficiently. Having all bags in the container also prevents our workers from having to handle trash which could present a safety hazard for them. Chapter 98, Article VII, Section 261 of the Sallisaw Code of Ordinances addresses the city solid waste services. 

For the normal weekly residential sanitation pick up services:

All trash should be bagged and placed in the provided sanitation container.

Sanitation crews will not pick up construction debris.

Sanitation crews will not pick up any rubber tires or metal.

Sanitation crews will not pick up any hazardous waste or medical waste.

Boxes should be flattened and placed in the provided container.

If you routinely overfill your container or place additional trash to the side, you may require a second container. If you need a second container, please contact the City of Sallisaw Customer Service.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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