Friday, February 19, 2021

Family Builds Front Yard Igloo

What do you do when your hometown gets eight inches of snow? You go out and build an igloo of course! At least that’s what one Sallisaw family did this week.

Brian Brannick and family took advantage of this week’s winter storm for their unique project. Brian, no stranger to construction, owns his own masonry business where he uses stonework to create his projects.

When the snow arrived, Brian along with his wife Brooklyn and their three kids, Brayden, Brynlee and Baylor, had one goal in mind, build an igloo. On Tuesday after all the snow had fallen the family went outside and started on their project.

The crew started off by making “snow bricks”, Brian said. They used large buckets to gather the snow and shape the igloo just like you would if building a sand castle.

To hold the roof up and make the igloo more stable, the family used three large pieces of wood to support the top. After six long hours of braving the cold, the igloo was built and will be standing strong until sun and rising temperatures cause the inevitable melting.

The family said their favorite part was family bonding time and having to rely on each other to get the job done. “My favorite part was packing the snow inside the igloo,” Brynlee said.

Anna Ramos, KXMX Staff

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