Tuesday, December 15, 2020

City Earns National Recognition for Work After Ice Storm

The City of Sallisaw has received national commendation from the American Public Power Association for its support in electric power restoration efforts in Anadarko, Okla., on Oct. 27, when the city sent electric and tree-trimming personnel to assist the town, which suffered widespread outages during the storm. 

While in Anadarko, Sallisaw crews assisted other electric crews in clearing downed tree limbs and restoring power to Anadarko’s distribution and service systems. 

“Sallisaw is proud to be a Public Power Community and having the ability to help other communities in their times of need. The benefit of mutual aid is amazing in how it helps communities during storm outages. Sallisaw has needed mutual aid in the past due to storms, and we are always ready to help when others call for assistance,” said Keith Skelton, Sallisaw’s city manager. 

The City of Sallisaw participates in the American Public Power Association’s Mutual Aid Network, as well as the aid network of the Oklahoma Municipal Alliance. Both organizations coordinate with utilities and local authorities during widespread power outages. 

For more information on mutual aid, visit www.PublicPower.org/MutualAid.

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