Thursday, January 10, 2019

Manhunt Underway for "Dangerous" Suspect

Quinlan Hogan

Authorities are searching for a suspect they consider "dangerous" near the Haskell and Leflore County line area. 

Quinlan Hogan, above, is wanted by police for a misdemeanor warrant for threatening acts of violence and he also has a criminal history of illegal drugs and firearm possession. 

Hogan was spotted in Sequoyah County on Thursday and led deputies on a high speed chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph. Deputies pursued Hogan, who was driving a Ford Mustang, along Highway 59 South and over the Arkansas River.  Hogan managed to run through two separate roadblocks set up by the Panama Police Department and the Spiro Police Department. The chase, which began in Sequoyah County, extended into Leflore County and also Haskell County. 

Hogan eventually abandoned the Mustang and fled on foot. 

According to authorities, there has been one alleged sighting of Hogan near Bokoshe.

Several local law enforcement agencies along with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are continuing to search for Hogan and do consider him to be "dangerous."

Please share this story to help spread the word and if you have any information about Hogan's whereabouts contact your local authorities immediately.

KXMX News Staff

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  1. Why would cops put lives in danger in a high speed chase for a misdemeanorwarrant? Better to let him go and get him later.
    This man is NOT dangerous.


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