Friday, January 4, 2019

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in County

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Sequoyah County has opened for business.

Pharm 788 opened its doors to patients Jan. 1 on the east side of Roland, and offers patients a variety of products including both THC and CBD medicine for a variety of symptoms.

Budtender Maeghan Barclay said some of the PharmHouse products include buds, cookies, gummies, cartridges, tinctures and ointments.

“We offer a variety of different smokables as well as consumables, and that includes our regular flower to capsules, as well as clones,” said Barclay, who has taken classes to educate herself on the medical marijuana specifics. “The majority of what we sell, it does have THC content; you do have to have a medical card to purchase that. But we do offer CBD as well, and that’s non-medical.”

Barclay said the PharmHouse operates much like a regular pharmacy, with the THC products requiring authorization from an Oklahoma board certified physician and a medical card, obtained from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Patients seek medical marijuana for relief from a variety of medical conditions, such as seizures, nausea, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety, stress, headache, cramps and even cancer.

Some products from the flower are sold by weight, while others are pre-packaged. Seedling plants, or clones, are also available. Flower products are kept in stainless steel containers with humidity control to keep the product from drying out.

Pharm 788 purchases the product it sells from Oklahoma certified growers and producers, according to the staff.

“Everyone has really responded really well, it’s been very positive and very supportive,” Barclay said. “There’s definitely a lot of questions, and just kind of curiosities, but I think a lot of positive remarks so far.”

She said many people are still scared of the products, simply because of social stigmas. But Barclay and the staff encourage patients to come in, see what’s available and know that medical marijuana is now legal and that patients are allowed to have the medical marijuana, as long as they have a medical card.

“If they have questions or anything like that, they’re more than welcome to stop in and we’ll answer any and all questions we can,” said Barclay. “And we also have the procedures on how to obtain the medical card.

“We’re here to help people,” she added.

For information or to apply as a patient online, visit

Pam Cloud, Managing News Director

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