Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fullbright Honored by Cherokee Council

Monday's Tribal Council meeting marked the last for six outgoing tribal councilors whose terms expired, or gave up their seat to run for other elected positions.

Above, Tribal Council Speaker Tina Glory-Jordan, left, and Deputy Speaker Janelle Fullbright lead their final council meeting. The two elected officials and four other outgoing councilors completed their terms Monday.

Glory-Jordan, Fullbright, Secretary Jodie Fishinghawk and Tribal Councilor Lee Keener were honored before Monday night's meeting with gifts for their years of service. Outgoing Councilors Cara Cowan Watts and Julia Coates were not present.

In the business meeting, the council approved submitting an application for a diabetes grant to Indian Health Service. The Cherokee Nation Diabetes Program has used the grant for the past 18 years to provide services, staffing equipment and supplies to treat and prevent diabetes.

"This grant program has been a blessing to the Cherokee Nation and allowed our health care system to provide critical services to thousands of diabetic citizens," Fullbright said. "With the continuation of funding, our diabetes program will continue to reduce the number of diabetes patients in the Cherokee Nation and educate our citizens on diabetes prevention."

The council also approved submitting the tribe's fiscal year 2016 Indian Housing Plan to be U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Two reelected councilors and six new councilors will be sworn into office at a ceremony Friday.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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