Friday, November 21, 2014

Sheriff Warns Residents of Scam

Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart is warning residents of an ongoing scam in our area. According to Lockhart, the Sheriff's department has received numerous calls in the past hour from Sequoyah County residents in reference to calls they have received. Calls are being placed from a 918-315-0519 phone number. The calls have been traced by satellite to The Jimmy Autry Correctional Facility in Georgia. Contact has been made with the correctional facility in Georgia in an attempt to locate the inmate conducting the scam. The caller is attempting to obtain money by claiming that the resident has a warrant for their arrest. If you call the number back a recorded message states that you have reached the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Lockhart stated that the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department will never call residents requesting money. Anyone receiving one of these calls should hang up and contact the sheriff's department. Sheriff Lockhart also stated that residents should give these callers no information. 

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