Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recount of Judge Votes Tentatively Set for Nov. 13

Cindy Osborn, Sequoyah County Election Board secretary, said Thursday morning that a tentative date for a recount of votes cast in the Sequoyah County election for associate district judge will be Nov. 13. Sallisaw attorney Matt Orendorff lost the election for the judge post by a mere 13 votes, and said he would most likely file a petition for a recount with the state election board. The petition must be received by the state by 5 p.m. Friday. Attorney Kyle Waters won the election with 4,029 votes while Orendorff collected, 4,016 votes. Orendorff said his petition was not about politics, but that he understood there may have been a problem with one of the county election board computers.

Cindy Osborn, Sequoyah County Election Board secretary, stated that the only "glitch" she was aware of occurred while trying to print a report from the state website. According to Osborn, as far as she knows everything worked perfectly at each precinct and with the tallying of votes. 

Osborn added that she has conferred with the state election board about a recount. It is tentatively set for 9 a.m. on Nov. 13 at the Sequoyah County Courthouse. She explained four Democrats and four Republicans will oversee the manual count, which will also be overseen by Judge Darrell Shepard from Wagoner County. In addition, one person will be designated as the caller of the votes, two persons will tally the votes, and one person will be designated as the stacker of the votes. The recount is done ballot box by ballot box, Osborn said, for the entire county.

She concluded that state officials told her to plan "for a long day." By Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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