Monday, December 30, 2013

No Arrest In Central High Area Shooting

 There are no plans to arrest the 95 year old man who shot and killed a Van Buren man over the weekend, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.  The District Attorney's office, who now has the case, will make the decision of whether or not charges will be filed.

The 95 year old suspected shooter has been identified as Douglas Vaden who resides in the Central High area near Sallisaw.  The man killed was Clinton McCormick, 29 of Van Buren.  For the past three years McCormick's mother, Teresa McCormick, has worked for Vaden as a live-in caretaker.

On the day of the shooting McCormick's girlfriend, Erica Holder, accompanied him to Vaden's resi- dence to speak with his mother.  Upon arrival Holder stayed in the vehicle while McCormick went to talk to his mother who came outside.  She then saw Vaden come out of the house at which time the mother spoke to the elderly man, who then went back in only to return with something in his hand.  Holder at that time rolled the window down and heard McCormick's mother say "If you want to shoot somebody then shoot me".  Holder got out of the car and saw the mother being pushed out of the way by McCormick before Vaden shot him.

The investigation is ongoing and the decision on how to go forth with the case will be made by the D. A.'s office Lockhart said.

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