Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Dead In Shooting Near Alma

A domestic disturbance resulted in a deadly shooting Tuesday afternoon in Crawford County.  The incident happened at a home at 2127 Old Rudy Road north of Alma just before 3 p.m.  According to Sheriff Ron Brown there were four people reported dead, one of which is identified as Tim Adams, the shooter.

The incident started when Adams' daughter pulled into the driveway with her boyfriend, a four month old boy and a four year old girl.  Adams then shot and killed the boyfriend deputies said.  According to Brown, they believe he then shot the four month old who was in a carseat.  At that time the woman grabbed the infant and ran to the house while Adams was shooting at her, missing her.  After that, de- puties said, he shot and killed the four year old girl who was in the front yard.

A little while after that, Adams was in the backyard talking to deputies on the phone.  Brown said the shooter had his back to the deputy.  He then put the phone down and turned around.  He was holding a shotgun at which time he shot himself.

There was another child at the home during the incident who was unharmed, along with Adams' dau- ghter.

According to county property records the home belongs to Tim and Regina Adams.  Public director- ies show that same address as that of Adams Roofing.

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