Monday, December 30, 2013

Franklin Will Not Seek Further Counsel

Sallisaw Chief of Police candidate, Terry Franklin confirmed last week that he will not seek further legal counsel in his appeal against his opponent in the race, Sandra Girdner.  A hearing was held Thursday at the Sequoyah County Courthouse to present evidence for an appeal filed by Franklin against the Sequoyah County Election Board and Sallisaw Police Detective Sandra Girdner.

District Judge Mike Norman decided he would review the evidence presented, then make his decision Friday morning.  Judge Norman contacted both Franklin and Girdner's attorneys, Chip Sexton and Fourth Scofous, respectively, with his decision to allow Girdner to continue to run.

Two weeks prior, the Sequoyah County Election Board ruled on an appeal filed by Franklin that Sandra Girdner would remain eligible to run and her name be left on the ballot.  This was a decision made based off the Sallisaw City Charter.

Back on December 5, Franklin filed a protest against his opponent in the race for Chief of Police, Sandra Girdner, due to "residency requirements to run for Chief of Police".  Franklin stated "Ms. Girdner has resided at her residence off McCoy Ford Road for the last eight years".  Article 2 Section 3 in the Sallisaw City Charter which addresses specifically the Chief of Police, states "No person shall be eligible to the office of Chief of Police of the City of Sallisaw unless he has been a resident of the City for at least one year prior to his election".

In the appeal filed by Terry Franklin, the word PRIOR is what was in question.  Mr. Franklin said "While I respectfully disagree with the court's ruling, I am going to continue my campaign for Chief and will let our voters decide on February 11, 2014".

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