Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christian Mayberry Takes First Steps

The family of Christian Mayberry had both good and bad news last week. Christian's mother, Kim, said Christian was able to stand and take two steps last week, which is a long way from the paralysis he suffered on his left side after an ATV wreck on Sept. 1, 2013 left him with severe brain trauma. But, Kim also related, her now 17-year-old son was seen by an optometrist last week and the doctor determined Christian's eyesight was severely damaged by the crash. Kim said, "We knew his eye sight was really bad. He can't see anything unless it's really close. He can't see colors. The diagnosis confirmed that." Christian will see a neuro-doctor in the future but Kim said doctors offer little hope for improvement to his eye sight. Christian's vision is so bad that sometimes he is unable to recognize his parents. "No matter what, we are believing for total restoration with his sight. After all, look at all the miracles we have had," stated Kim.

Christian's condition continues to improve in other areas. Kim said Christian was able to travel a long way in his wheel chair, by using his feet to pull the chair along in a left-right motion that simulates walking. Kim also said that a tube in Christian's stomach, to feed him foods and liquids and for his medications, is very close to being removed. "Christian has been eating since July," Kim said, but his tube remained for the medications. "It is very exciting that they are about to take that out. It's uncomfortable for him," she explained.

Another development has added to Christian's outlook on life. "His grandmother arrives in four days. He cannot wait until she gets here. He calls her Grandnanny Poo." Grandnanny is JoNell Van Fleet from Muldrow. Kim says she may spend the winter with Christian and his parents, Kim and John in Wauchala, Florida, where Christian is undergoing rehabilitation at the Florida Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation or FINR.

Kim keeps a running diary of Christian's rehabilitation posted on Facebook, at Pray for Mayberry. Visitors may learn of Christian's progress by clicking on videos and reading status updates. A fundraiser is also underway for the Mayberry family. Donations can be made by clicking on http://gofundme.com/ars8tw.

And, Christian is also looking forward to Christmas. According to Kim, last year at this time, Christian essentially remained in a coma. "He lost Christmas last year," Kim said. Tomorrow, The Mix 105.1 will let you know how to bring back Christmas for Christian. Be sure to look for information on "Cards for Christian" which we will tell you more about tomorrow.

By Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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