Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Muldrow Man Faces Attempted Rape Charge

Christopher J. Jenkins, 28, of Muldrow is being held without bond in the Sebastian County Detention Center in Fort Smith. He is charged with one count of attempted rape of a minor.

According to a press release from the Fort Smith Police Department, Jenkins contacted a 12-year-old girl in Fort Smith on the Internet for the purpose of a sexual encounter.

The press release relates that, on May 17, a woman reported her 12-year-old granddaughter was contacted by an adult male through her private Facebook account. The man, later identified as Jenkins, was able to obtain the juvenile female’s phone number and began texting her.

It was discovered that Jenkins is listed as an Aggravated Registered Sex Offender out of Oklahoma. Later on May 17, the man was able to convince the girl to meet him face-to-face, near her house, where the two met and engaged in a brief conversation. Shortly after the conversation began, the female’s grandmother drove by and witnessed the encounter. She confronted Jenkins about him talking to a 12 year old and he immediately fled the area. The grandmother contacted the police department and filed a report about the suspicious encounter.

Jenkins contacted the juvenile again through Facebook after his initial encounter with her. By this time, a detective with the Fort Smith Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit had assumed control of the juvenile’s Facebook account and began messaging Jenkins, posing as the young female. During the course of the next week, Jenkins made arrangements to meet with the juvenile at a local park for the purposes of a sexual encounter.

Detectives took Jenkins into custody after he arrived at the park to meet with the female

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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  1. Hey Grandma, There is nothing Private about social media. And if she is posting personal information she is instigating weirdos online for the purpose of sexual encounters. True he is a sicko but keep in mind that a hundred years or so ago girls were marrying at her age. Not defending his actions but I think it is something for people to think about before turning him into the devil. He probably will learn what being the victim feels like before too long.


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