Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phone Calls Suspected to be Scammer

Mulberry Mayor Gary Baxter is calling phone calls received by at least two people in the Mulberry-Alma area as suspicious. The caller, a person with an "East Indian" accent, made calls to two home phone numbers, one of which was that of an elderly person. According to a media release from the Mayor's office, the suspected scammer advised the residents that they were verifying information for a Medicare card change. The caller had the person's correct Medicare number, which they would ask the resident to verify along with other information such as address, bank, and bank account. They would then tell the person that they'll be issued a new card number, along with all the verified details. However, when the resident asked for the caller's phone number, they hung up.  Anyone receiving similar calls are advised by authorities to not answer any questions and contact their local law enforcement  immediately. You also should be aware of any calls that show up as unknown, blocked,  or private.

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