Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toy Gun Pulled on Police

A Huntsville man will face many charges after he pulled a toy gun on Springdale officers Wednesday, June 12th. Rainbow Kilo Rasphoumy is charged with aggravated assault, assault in the first degree, and resisting arrest. It was around 7:47am Wednesday morning when police received a phone call from the man's niece saying she had been outside for almost an hour and that Rasphoumy has mental problems and often bothers hers. After she gave a description of the van, officers tried later that morning to stop the van when the van pulled into a Springdale. Wal-mart parking lot on Robinson Ave. He initially got out of the van when officers asked, but then got back in his truck. He grabbed an object and raised it as though to hit officers. Rasphoumy then pulled out what appeared to be a handgun. He barricaded himself inside his van as one of the officers took shots at the van. Police took him into custody around 9:00am. No injuries were reported and no one was hurt

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