Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Helping Center Fundraiser Hits Goal

“We made it! We made it!”

That was the excited exclamation of Marylynn Lufkin, Catholic Charities Helping Center director, when she found out over $10,184 was raised to build a storage building. The 40-foot by 40-foot storage building will be erected on an empty lot just west of Catholic Charities in Sallisaw. 

Lufkin said the construction of the new building could begin as early as the end of February. But since the construction will be by donated labor, it’s hard to say when it will be done.

“Most are of the builders are from Cookson Hills Electric,” Lufkin said. “And they are donating their time. Most of the building will be on weekends. But I told them to ‘Get your hammers ready.’”

The Helping Center is also receiving a discount on the building, which will expand the center’s storage space considerably. The center provides food, clothing, and household goods, among other services, for the needy.

The second phase of the storage construction project will be to finish the interior of the building by adding electricity and shelving. Lufkin said the phase 2 building fund has $1,866 already donated, so the lighting and shelving could be done soon. An estimate is being sought for that work she said.

Lufkin will soon be able to take down her ‘No Donations’ sign, after the storage space becomes available.

“We are stuffed full right now,” she said of the Helping Center at 409 N. Adams in Sallisaw. “Every nook and cranny is full. I am so ready to clean out that hall. It is full.”

Lufkin estimated it will take three weekends of donated labor to build the new storage building.

“We are over the top. Praise the Lord,” Lufkin said. “It is beginning.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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